How do I enrol? 

Go to the bookings button on this web site and it will guide you through all the information that is required to enroll, any problems with anything just get in contact and we can work it out.  If unsure what level your swimmer is we can arrange an assessment and find a convenient day and time to book you into.

Can my child swim before or after a lesson?

This is a learn to swim pool only and there is no swimming before or after lessons.

Do my children have to wear goggles and swim caps?

While It is good to wear goggles and a swim cap this is not compulsory.

What if my child can't make a lesson due to illness or other commetments?

Please contact the swim school to advise you will be missing your lesson at least the day before,.  We will do our best to arrange a catch-up lesson, up to 2 make-up lessons per term.  Make up lessons do not carry over to the following term, but can be used in the holiday programs. Thanks 

What age can my child start lessons?

Research is showing that babies from 3 mths on can benefit from being in the water, however Te Puke swim School believes that this being the case that having information on bath activities can also be beneficial and a good start to introducing water skills and conditioning.  Te Puke swim School is taking babies from 8 mths.  https://babyswim.info/links/

When and how do I pay?

All fees and payments are due by the start of each term.  An invoice will be sent to you via email which can be paid in person poolside or by internet banking.

What is the length of the classes?

Baby classes are 30 minutes, with the last 5 minutes for getting out of the pool.  With the  older children,  parents have the option to get changed while the teacher supervisors the children on the ledge, this is a good opportunity to get the children ready for lessons with out the care-giver in the pool.  Pre-school childrens lessons run for 20 minutes which is a great time for children to stay focused and enjoy the class for optimum learning.  School age lessons are 30 minutes with 5 minutes at the end to get children out and talk to parents, and for teachers to make notes on the children’s lesson.

how long is the pool and how deep is it?

The pool is 15mt long and 4.2mt wide.  It has a ledge running down one side that has 3 different depths specially designed for learn to swim.

What should my child wear for swimm lessons?

Girls can wear one peice togs and boys can wear tight fitting togs and a vest.  Baggy clothing is discouraged as it causes drag and can inhibit swimming technique.

Goggles do help with swimming but are not compulsory.  With our beginners it is encouraged to begin without goggles until your child is happy going under for longer periods of time.

Swimming caps are also encouraged but not compulsory, the cap can help keep hair out of eyes and mouth, so easier to concentrate,  it will also help keep swimmers warmer.   Swim caps also help keep the water quality at a high standard.

What if my child doesn’t want to swim, is anxious or worried and nervous?

This is something we can work through, first lessons can be scary for some children, We are happy to work with your child to work through this,  maybe just a visit first to see, and then swim at a quite time, maybe a one on one, swim with a care-giver, with patience and a gentle approach we are happy to work through any problems to encourage your child to enjoy the water.

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