Terms and Conditions


Te Puke Swim School accepts NO responsibility for any accident that happens when children are not having a lesson, inside or outside the school.  Parents/caregivers must be responsible for children at all times.


Swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear and babies must wear swimming nappies.


The balance of fees must be paid in full before the first day of your child's swimming lesson.


Overdue fees will lead to your child's exclusion from swimming lessons.


Please phone, or text as soon as possible if your child/children are going to be absent.  Please advise the swim school at least 24 hours if your child/children are going to be absent.   If you fail to advise the swim school that your child is to be absent from the lesson will mean that you will not qualify for a catch-up.


Missed lessons can be made-up, on another day and time.  We will do our best to find a suitable time,day, and level however if this can not be arranged there will be no refunds or credits for missed lessons.   Two make-ups per term and can only be used for the term that has been missed.  You can use your make-ups in the holiday program.

Te Puke Swim School reserves the right to cancel swimming lessons at any time.   If this occurs a credit will be given.


Appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times.

If you cancel you must give 2 weeks notice.  Refunds will be given for lessons in credit.




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