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Te Puke Swim School will be open on Monday 17th May and will be following the guide lines listed below.

Please note that this is a guideline only and is subject to change in accordance with government guidelines.

We will update if and when any further information is received. Water based activities may resume however LTS facilities will need to meet Level 2 Government, must meet the requirements set down by the operator, prior to lessons can resume.

• Contact tracing of staff and any maintenance contractors

• Contact tracing must be in place, where caregiver will be required to sign in each time, preferably the same person if possible, with a reminder to bring their own pen

• Ensure your facility has extensive clear signage

• Contactless payment is encouraged

• Recommendation: to have a floor manager available to receive and direct people where required • Where possible/practical a shield at reception

• Ensure Covid-19 Safety Plan is clearly visible for everyone to see

• Ensure no more than 100 people in entire facility, which includes staff

• Physical distancing; minimize direct contact where practical, 1m minimum distance with contact tracking

• Staggered staff start, lunch and finish

• Surface Cleaning: ensure all surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis, staff ensure wash hands prior to/and between all classes

• Refreshments MUST NOT be served

• Toilet facilities should be available, however swimmers should be encouraged to arrive in swim wear and change at home after class • Have staff bring their own water and food

• Immunosuppressed staff should not work

• PPE particularly for staff cleaning bathroom facility only

• Over 70/swimmers or carers who are immunosuppressed should be encouraged to stay away

• ALL swimmers must be provided with the necessary information regarding attendance (see template already provided)

• Unwell swimmers are asked not to come in or should be asked to leave • Clubs returning to public facilities may find due to social distancing, that the usual lane space may be restricted. The recommendation is to ensure some discussion with your provider. Recommendations:

• NO Poolside warm-ups or gatherings

• Suggestion: that swimmers start at alternate end of each lanes

• Minimum of 5 sec gap between swimmers to ensure minimum 1min separation

• 1 parent / caregiver poolside only • Club nights are not recommended

• Where hands on correction is required, do so in a safe manner e.g. from the non-breathing side

• Social distancing where practical

• Where possible leave doors open to avoid repeated contact. If this is not possible then regular cleaning is required.

• LTS programmes or Club using public facilities should contact facility owner for directives.

Aqua mornings

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7am

Look through the photos to see how far we have come from the hole in the ground to painted and ready for the final touches 

Bookings are open...... go to bookings tab.   Any problems please contact 0212017638 .


Opening day celebrations 20th July 2019 blessing and ribbon cutting ceremany.
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